Monday, 20 May 2013

Keeping an Eye on the Prize :)

Workout Days -  1900 cals
Non-Workout Days - 1700 cals
Fast Days - Mon & Thurs - 500+ cals

Starting Tuesday 21st May 2013

Compound Lifting & Cardio
Ate healthy but ate a whole loads of biscuits, sweets and glass of wine. Not enough water!!

Rest Day..will go for a 30min Walk later today
1700 cals

Breakfast 213cals/13g Protein/28g Carbs/4g Fat
Breakfast 213 calories
Tilda Wholegrain Pilau
6 Tbsp Liquid Egg Whites
20g Wild Rocket

Lunch 257 calories
Same as Breakfast (minus the Egg) but added in 33g of Feta Cheese.

Dinner 703cals/34g Protein/40g Fat/54 Carbs
Dinner 703 calories (packed with Protein)
Pan-fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Chips & Salad.
Fat content was high, will have to re-adjust for next time by halfing the quantities of Oils and dressing. Very satisfying Dinner. I cooked the Potatoes in my Philips Actifryer using 1/2 tsp of Olive oil, they can out great.

Dessert 456cals/8g Protein/18g Fat/63 Carbs

Dessert 456 calories
Mixed fruit salad with Coconut Greek Yoghurt (sprinkled with Chia Seeds)

This will need some tweaking, I did'nt really need this much and I added way too much yoghurt 130g - 60g would have been sufficient...this needs some tweeking.

4 Brazilian Nuts & 4 Dried Apricots.

Water intake was okay but could be better.


  1. Ooh I remember the calorie counting days. They seem to be clear and straight forward but some of those restrictions drove me crazy. It was like every thing was off limits. I couldn't eat like a normal person when I was counting. It's not that calorie control is a bad idea it's just that in practise there are SO SO many foods that don't have a calorie measurement and guessing (or using online calorie lists) made things 10x harder. Whilst you're making these delicious meals how do you count calories? Do you have a diary nearby or measure things out or both?

  2. I totally agree with all the hunting for food labels and nutrition information. However, since being on My Fitness Pal for the past 2years, I have found that things have greatly improved technology-wise... I can find everything on the site that gives me all the macronutrient information I need. I'm a big fan of MFP....I have met a lot on encouraging people on there too. Although, I do have to kick my butt from-time-to-time but, with the past data I have collated, it makes it 10x easier to get back on track and re-visit my past food journal entries on MFP to give me an idea of the rights foods to start eating again.