Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dropping the FAT!!11

Upon my return from holiday, I decided that I needed to consume more fruits,vegetables and water and cut out the excess emply calories.  I still have fat to lose (30%) at present and I really need to get back on track.  I have started IF on Sunday and all is going well...apart from the ice-cream at the beach after an afternoon stroll.  All in all I feel fine and have continued to increase my weight training and minimise the amount of Cardio, which wasnt much anyway (2 sessions per week).  I will include a swimming session to my workout regime.

Photo: Good Sunday morning everyone.I wasnt to sure about IF, everytime I plan to do it, I read conflicting messages about eating breakfast first thing in the morning.  I have read great posts from people that have found IF really successful. Maybe I should just do it for a month and not be swayed.

Anyway, I have gone back to Compound Lifting and have been lifting 25kg which has been quite intense.  I intend to up the weight each week and still throw in the odd HIIT on the bike occasionally.

I took some pictures this morning after my lifting session..I jumped on the scale first: 11.11st - 30%bf - 32.6% mm

11.11st - 30%bf  MAY13
11.11 - 30.7bf & 32.7% mm JULY13

Need to work on thighs, hips, waistline and abs. My upper body has always looked well toned and
build muscle very easily.

May 2013
I gained 7lbs whilst on holiday in April and my stomach needs some serious work.  Also if I slimmed down my thighs and worked more on my booty (as you can see, its not that defined) I'd have a better physique. We received our new mattress last week and it has really helped with my posture and aches and pains when sleeping - Silent Night mattress :)
Post-Pregnancy Nov2010

MAY 13


 This picture doesnt look too bad. I have the shape but needs more dedicated and consistent work! Not bad for a 40year old :)

The picture below was taken early last year 2012...my waist and lovehandles have reduced down nicely...It is so important to take pictures to encourage you to stay on track and stay as healthy as possible.


  1. Compound Lifting today..had a large bowl of porridge with a banana..then has a slice of chocolate cake..I was craving it and what better time to eat it then when your body is still in the fat burning stage after a lifting session..this will not be happening again though!!

  2. Hi Mrs T, I've been reading your interesting posts. So it looks like your plan seems to be the opposite of what I intended to do regarding cardio verse lifting. Are you finding that lifting is better for burning fat? Or are you using fasting as a way to slim down whilst gaining muscle through liftng?

    You have exceptionally well toned arms I see and funnily enough your torso shape looks identical to mine lol. I have a naturally small back/waist too but my stomach, hips and thighs tend to fill out so easily.

    Oh and what is "IF" and if you've worked out your bf and mm what is the other percentage made of?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello, apologies for the delay in responding!
    Lifting definitely burns fat and for a longer period after exercise...its the best thing to apply to any fitness regime in order to shape and define the body...cardio is great too but for different reasons; cardio will give your overall fitness but will not contour your body by way of muscle tone and density...the term "skinny fat" is being slim but with very little muscle tone which when you come off your diet or eat more than your ususally do, will drive your body (survival mode) to consume more food and therefore pile on the pounds very quickly. Fasting is a great way to burn fat, eating between 1pm through to 8pm is an example of an "IF" window, whereby you stop eating in the evening and break your fast at 1pm..so in affect if you dont eat breakfast anyway and stop snacking in the evening around 8ish then your fasting during those times anyway(mostly as your sleep). However for this to work, you still need to stick within your calories. Have a look www.leangains.com for more on Intermittent Fasting. Check out www.fat2fitradio.com to get information on working out your BF & MM% etc.
    Have a great day :)